Sparkle Tash

Fading away

Pic credit: @kerronmjohn on Twitter

Daydreaming of escape

Into the abyss where no thoughts or feelings exist

Dreaming of numbness

Of nothingness

Of non-existence

Dreaming because it’s all I can do


Staying is hard

Leaving is harder

Letting others in on this emotional state feels like an invasion of the sacredness of this vulnerability that somehow spoils it

To keep it pure, in its rawest form

I bear it alone

Letting it occupy me, feeling it all and not engaging it

Waiting for it to pass

Like it always does

Periodically doing something to keep it at bay

Like writing this piece

Holding on



The storm came to my door step

I opened the door and let it in

It calmed down for a bit

It was surprised that someone would welcome it

You see all its life everyone had run from it

But there I was with open arms and a smile on my face

For a while I could see the rainbows and the sun start to shine beneath the dark clouds

The turbulent winds became a soft cooling breeze

But the storm being the Storm still longed for that freedom

The freedom to run wild and instill fear

And so one day I came home to shattered glass

My storm had left.